Lambing Season

You’ll love our little lambs!

Feel your troubles melt away as you watch our little lambs frolic and play. (Make sure you call ahead before you come to see them so we can let you know when they’ll be out.)

Lambs typically gather in a large group and play games they must have inherited because they are the same every year. In the one game they gather in a group and stand around until one of them charges off in a random direction with the whole assembly in hot pursuit and they all stop at the same time. Then there is a pause as they wait for next lamb to take off and the game is repeated.

Another game we call “King of the Castle.” All the lambs run to a knoll or piece of high ground. Those that reach the top first defend the high spot from the others and a head-butting free-for-all takes place until some lamb calls it quits. Then they all stand around for a while until they charge off and come back to the high ground, at which time the game is repeated.

A pure delight to watch!